Things To Do In Cape Agulhas: Updated 2023

Things To Do In Cape Agulhas Catch Cook Agulhas Attractions 05 November 2023 5 min read Stand at the southernmost tip of Africa where two oceans meet, explore the tip of Africa, discover a shipwreck, climb to the top of a historic lighthouse, and venture into South Africa’s southernmost coastal landscape and nature reserve, home […]

Things To Do In Struisbaai: Updated 2023

Things To Do In Struisbaai Catch Cook Agulhas Attractions 06 November 2023 3 min read Struisbaai is a tranquil seaside escape situated along the southern coast of South Africa, offering a range of activities for ocean lovers, travellers and adventure seekers. Known for its picturesque landscapes and small-town atmosphere, Struisbaai is located near the southernmost […]

Top 10 things to do in Cape Agulhas and Struisbaai

Catchcook restaurant

Top 10 Things To Do in Cape Agulhas Catch Cook Agulhas Activities July 19, 2023 5 min read This week on “Lunch with EB Inglis”, KFM listeners were asked to name Cape Town’s ‘must visit’ attractions first-time tourists, both local and international, should experience. From iconic landmarks like Table Mountain and Robben Island, to the […]