Top 10 Things To Do in Cape Agulhas

This week on “Lunch with EB Inglis”, KFM listeners were asked to name Cape Town’s ‘must visit’ attractions first-time tourists, both local and international, should experience. From iconic landmarks like Table Mountain and Robben Island, to the culinary delights of Koeksisters in the Bo-Kaap, the list was filled with Cape Town’s top 10 MUST visit attractions. Cape Agulhas, South Africa’s hidden gem, was among the public’s most popular recommendations — and for good reason!

If you’re thinking of travelling to Africa’s southernmost point, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the top 10 things to do in Cape Agulhas.

Catchcook restaurant

1. The Tip of Africa

Stand at the southernmost point of Africa! 

A must-visit location for locals and tourists, L’Agulhas is famous for being South Africa’s most southern town. The official location where the two oceans meet, visitors from all over the world are drawn to the ‘Tip of Africa’ where the Atlantic and Indian ocean converge.

Signpost pointing to the "Southernmost Point of Africa" in Cape Agulhas.

2. Whale Watching

Experience the best whale watching close to Cape Town!

Sight whales from your window, watch them from the beach, or take one of the best guided whale watching tours in Africa for an up-close, memorable experience. Less than 2.5 hours from Cape Town’s city centre, Cape Agulhas’ tranquil and shallow coastline is the ideal location to see whales this season.

Southern Right whale breaching the water in Cape Agulhas

3. Fresh Caught Seafood

Indulge in fresh seafood, fish & chips, and the best sushi in L’Agulhas.

Renowned for being one of Africa’s most spectacular fishing spots, Cape Agulhas and the Struisbaai harbour offer some of Cape Town’s freshest seafood and local fish dishes. Situated where the two oceans meet, travellers are invited to enjoy refreshing drinks and delicious food right at the water’s edge.

Gallery Image of Guests at Catch Cook Restaurant, Struisbaai Harbour

4. Visit the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse

See one of South Africa’s oldest working lighthouses!

Situated at the southernmost tip of Africa, the Cape Agulhas lighthouse (built in 1849) is South Africa’s second-oldest working lighthouse. Now a national monument, travellers can visit the lighthouse museum or witness the historic beacon guiding ships and illuminating the coastline at night.

5. Local Fishing Charters

Experience one of the best fishing grounds in South Africa!

The waters off the ‘Agulhas Bank’ are shallow, and with the merging Indian and Atlantic ocean currents, Struisbaai and Cape Agulhas are renowned as being one of South Africa’s most spectacular fishing spots. Join a local fishing charter for a truly memorable and authentic fishing trip.

6. Struisbaai Harbour Water Activities

There’s so much to do in Cape Agulhas! 

Stand up on a paddle board, kayak where the two oceans meet, enjoy a mesmerising sunset cruise, go spearfishing, and more. With live music, fresh food, drinks, ice-cream and refreshments also available at the harbour, visitors are treated to the perfect blend of fun ocean activities and coastal holiday relaxation.


7. Struisbaai Beach

Visit the longest natural beach in the southern hemisphere!

Stretching 14km along the Cape Agulhas coast, Struisbaai’s turquoise water and pristine white-sand beach is great for the whole family to enjoy. Pet friendly and with incredible views, travellers can also have the opportunity to swim with stingrays that frequent these shores.

8. Cape Agulhas Nature Reserve

Hike Africa’s southernmost point!

The Cape Agulhas National Park, spanning over over 56km of dune ridden coastlines, picturesque views, and white sand beaches stretching towards the southernmost tip of Africa, is a must-see on your trip. Showcasing diverse fauna and flora found nowhere else in the world, Cape Agulhas is home to one of South Africa’s most unique coastal fynbos landscapes.

9. L'Agulhas Tidal Pool

Swim where the two oceans meet!

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the tranquil coastal lifestyle Cap Agulhas has to offer. The perfect beach-side tidal pool for kids and sea-swimming enthusiasts, the L’Agulhas tidal pool provides a sheltered ocean experience away from the crowds, crashing waves, and merging currents.

10. Meisho Maru Shipwreck

See the Meisho Maru Shipwreck!

Travel to the southernmost point of Africa, and you’ll find an eerie shipwreck close to the shore. Having met its stormy end on November 16, 1982, this Japanese fishing vessel is slowly being reclaimed by the sea — so you’ll have to see it before it disappears.