Things To Do In Cape Agulhas

Stand at the southernmost tip of Africa where two oceans meet, explore the tip of Africa, discover a shipwreck, climb to the top of a historic lighthouse, and venture into South Africa’s southernmost coastal landscape and nature reserve, home to indigenous fynbos flowers, incredible whale sightings, and abundant marine life.
Despite what many people believe, Cape Agulhas—and not Cape Point—is the southernmost point of Africa, marking the real place where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet. Here, you’ll find a charming costal town and local fishing community who call L’Agulhas home.

Where is it?

Cape Agulhas is located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, and is situated approximately 170 kilometres (105 miles) southeast of Cape Town, South Africa. The drive from the City to Cape Agulhas takes about 2 to 3 hours by car, making it a scenic and pleasant journey through some of the country’s top wine regions and stunning Overberg landscapes.

When to Visit?

The best time to visit Cape Agulhas depends on your preferences and the type of adventure you’re seeking. The Western Cape region experiences a Mediterranean climate, with warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. So, if you’re looking to spend your day hiking through the nature reserve or lounging on the beach, Summer is an ideal time to visit. If you’re hoping to see some of the Western Cape’s most spectacular wild flowers and Southern Right Whale sightings, Spring is the perfect time to visit. Or, if you’re seeking the thrill of deep-sea fishing, incredible sunsets, and serene landscapes, Winter and Autumn are the best times to visit.

1. Stand Where the Two Oceans Meet

Stand at the southernmost point of the African continent—Cape Agulhas, the point of Africa. The tip of Africa sign and official marker, located in the Cape Agulhas Nature Reserve, marks the geographical line where the Indian ocean and Atlantic ocean meet. Beyond the rocky shoreline, visitors can glimpse the swirling ocean currents (distinguishable by colour) as they join and meet at the official tip of Africa.

2. Explore the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse

Discover the historic Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, which has been guiding ships safely along the Cape Agulhas (Cape of Storms) coastline since 1849. Did you know that the Cape Agulhas lighthouse the second oldest working lighthouse in Southern Africa? Visitors can explore the lighthouse museum or, for a unique adventure, guests can climb to the top of the Cape Agulhas lighthouse, where they’ll find breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, as well as the best view of the two converging oceans.

3. Visit the Tip of African Monument

Pay a visit to the Tip of Africa Monument, a symbolic marker acknowledging Cape Agulhas as the southernmost point of the African continent. Capture stunning photographs against the backdrop of this iconic landmark.

4. Visit the Southernmost Point of Africa

Walk along the southern tip of the African continent, an elevated wooden boardwalk that follows the Cape Agulhas coastline all the way to the southernmost point of Africa. The rugged coastline and powerful waves make this an impressive location to experience the southern extremity of South Africa, only 2.5 hours outside of Cape Town.  

5. Visit the Cape Agulhas National Park

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Cape Agulhas National Park. Explore one of South Africa’s most unique ecosystems, from coastal dunes to fynbos-covered plains. With over 47km of natural landscapes, visitors can enjoy hiking trails, lookout points, and rare sightings of Africa’s southernmost region, showcasing incredible biodiversity, marine life, indigenous wildlife, and breathtaking ocean views.

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5. Go Fishing off the L'Agulhas Bank

Experience world-class fishing off the L’Agulhas Bank, a renowned fishing site made famous for shallow waters and converging ocean currents. The nutrient-rich waters attract a variety of fish species, providing an excellent opportunity for both recreational and professional anglers. For those who prefer more of a challenge, Cape Agulhas is the perfect location for deep-sea fishing, with many popular sport fish (Blue Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, and more) found in the L’Agulhas waters.

6. Explore A Ship Graveyard

Uncover the treacherous past and maritime mysteries of the Cape Agulhas coastline. The many shipwrecks serve as a testament to the challenging maritime conditions around the ‘Cape of Storms’, while offering a glimpse into the region’s intricate maritime history and pivotal location during the discovery of Africa. 

Visitor’s to the Southern point of Africa can glimpse the Meisho Maru shipwreck perched on the rocks, or take a short trip to the Bredasdorp Shipwreck Museum for more information.

7. Go Whale Watching

During the Winter and Spring months, discover some of the best whale-watching and Southern Right Whale sightings in the Western Cape. Every year, from September through November, witness incredible sightings of migrating whales breaching and playing in the shallow waters off Cape Agulhas—where the rich waters create an optimal nursery for migrating whales and their young calfs.

8. Explore the L'Agulhas Tidal Pool

Relax at the L’Agulhas Tidal Pool, a natural seawater pool nestled along the Cape Agulhas coastline. It’s a tranquil spot for swimming and enjoying the two ocean currents in a safer and controlled environment. Perfect for children and families of all ages, don’t forget to explore the smaller rock pools and shallow tides for sightings of crabs, sea snails, small fish, mollusks, and other shore-loving creatures.

9. Stay Overnight in Africa's Southernmost Town

Extend your stay in L’Agulhas, Africa’s southernmost town. Enjoy the beauty of this small coastal community, its historic charm, and indulge in the unique experience of staying overnight at the southernmost point on the African continent. Fall asleep to the sounds of the two oceans, see the incredible Agulhas lighthouse at night, and start your day exploring the tip of Africa. 

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10. Go Bird Watching

Discover the diverse birdlife at Africa’s southernmost region, with rare bird-watching opportunities and protected coastal habitats offering incredible sightings of Western Cape birds. The coastal nature reserve and 47km protected park area offers guests the chance to sight a variety of native bird species against the picturesque ocean landscapes.