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Somer Sessies, Struisbaai's BEST Music Festival, is Back for 2023!

Struisbaai is gearing up for another round of music, drinks and festivities as Somer Sessies, Catch Cook Restaurant’s annual Afrikaans music festival, returns for Summer 2023. This highly anticipated Struisbaai Harbour event promises a spectacular lineup of local artists, great food, beer and drink specials, and more fun than ever before!

Waar sal Somer Sessies Plaasvind?

Somer Sessies will once again take place in the stunning coastal town of Struisbaai, South Africa. All the events will be held at Catch Cook Restaurant’s Beach Boma. Located at the Struisbaai Harbour waterfront, Catch Cook’s venue is the perfect backdrop for a beachside music-filled experience.

Wanneer sal Somer Sessies Plaasvind?

Somer Sessies starts on the 15th of December 2023 and ends on the 07th of January 2024. Don’t miss out on your favourite artist! Book your tickets online to secure your spot and please arrive at the venue early, as tables and seating cannot be reserved.

Which Artists Are Playing at Somer Sessies 2023?

Somer Sessies has the BEST lineup of local music artists, ensuring there’s something for everyone. From renowned Afrikaans music acts to emerging local acts, Somer Sessies aims to showcase South Africa’s incredible talent and beloved Afrikaans music scene.