Sushi Menu


served with wasabi and ginger

  • Fashion Sandwich (4pc)

    Salmon R95
    Tuna R75
    Prawn R70
    Yellowtail SQ
    Vegetarian R70

  • Maki Rolls (6pc)

    Salmon R70
    Tuna R65
    Prawn R75
    Yellowtail SQ
    Avo R55
    Cucumber R50

  • Hand Roll

    Salmon R55
    Tuna R50
    Prawn R60
    Vegetarian R55

Speciality Sushi

  • Dragon Rolls (8pc) R125

    Prawn or Salmon California Roll, wrapped in avo topped with sweet soya sauce, sesame seeds and covered in tempura crumbs

  • Fully Loaded Rolls (8pc) R160

    Salmon California Rolls or Prawn California Rolls topped with tempura prawn covered in sweet soya sauce and mayo

  • California Crunch (8pc) R110

    Salmon or Tuna or Prawn California Roll covered in tempura battered, deep fried cut into pieces topped with sweet chilli and mayo

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